About us

Our history, our passion!

Long Range Expeditions started when we got together on several hunting and fishing adventures. Being all enthusiasts, we had the opportunity to travel all over the world to discover unique places to practice hunting and fishing. With these incredible experiences and having built relationships of trust with our guides around the world, an idea emerged. We decided to team up, take advantage of our experiences and our entrepreneurship to give you the chance to explore incredible expeditions.

Everyone has been a reference in hunting and fishing. Many people ask us for suggestions regarding a guide, an outfitter and even a travel destination. So, we brought all of these together to build Long Range Expeditions.

Team presentation

Hugues Vaillancourt:
– Being passionate about hunting and fishing, he is a lover of expeditions around the world. Each year, there is the opportunity to make 5 to 6 trips to an outfitter.
-It cumulates any loan from fifteen different outfitters in the world: Canada, United States, Africa, Spain, France and Argentina.
-He is the owner of Fierce Canada, an elite company in the manufacture of hunting rifles and marksmanship.

Pierre Lefebvre:
-He has more than 35 years of experience in big game hunting. It mainly hunts across Canada.
-He is co-owner of Long Range Hunter and Long Range Academy. A precision shooting school.
-Pierre is a well known figure on the web. He is a columnist for ACP (Hunting and Fishing Adventure) magazine and host of the Long Range Hunter show.

Luc Bonneville:
-Being a former fishing guide with 20 years of experience, he is an authority on this world. Whether it is fly fishing, trolling on the great lakes of Ontario or on our lakes of Quebec, he has always managed to do well.
-He is passionate about fishing in the south and Atlantic salmon fly fishing.
-He has also been co-owner for several years of the Ecotone L’Ami Sport hunting and fishing shop in Blainville.

Conrad Bissonnette:
-He is addicted to everything related to the world of hunting and fishing. He has been a fishing trainer for the Fishing Academy of the Ecotone L’Ami Sport store for 4 years now.
-He also participates in several professional bass fishing tournaments for many years.
-He is also director of the Ecotone L’Ami Sport store.

Nicolas Berthiaume:
-He is the co-owner of the Ecotone L’Ami Sport store in Blainville.
-He is always ready for a hunting or fishing expedition. Over the years, he has had the good fortune to travel extensively around the world.
-For several years, he has invested heavily in hunting and fishing adventures in order to know all the tricks.