General Conditions

The purchase of a package offered by Long Range Expeditions (LRE) constitutes a contractual agreement between LRE and the client and implies their acceptance of the LRE conditions of sale described below.

These general conditions apply to all packages.

The services related to the reserved services as described on our website, in our brochure or on our advertising documents such as: transfers, accommodation, taxes and service charges unless otherwise specified, the activities specifically mentioned, the service from our guide, if applicable, the contribution to the compensation fund for customers and travel agents in Quebec (0.1%, for example, $ 1.00 per $ 1000.00), GST, and provincial sales tax when applicable as well as all discounts. The total cost of the services ordered includes taxes and service charges on a single occupancy basis.

Expenses of a personal nature, meals and drinks not specifically mentioned as part of the package as well as tips, visits and activities not specifically mentioned as part of the package, optional excursions, tips to drivers, local guides and the guide accompanist.

Unless otherwise indicated, prices displayed are in Canadian dollars. In accordance with the law, the contract price can be changed in the event of the imposition or increase of a tax from a government authority, a fuel surcharge or an increase in the exchange rate. In such a case, if the modification is caused by a fuel surcharge or an increase in the exchange rate and results in a price increase of less than 7%, excluding the GST and QST, the customer agrees to pay the difference. However, if the modification results in a price increase equal to or greater than 7% of the price, excluding the GST and QST, the customer can then choose between:

    ·       The cancellation of this contract and the full refund of the price or 

    ·        Acceptance of any replacement services that may be offered. No modification of the price can take place within 30 days of departure.

Cancellation fees apply if the passenger cancels their reservation. Cancellation will only be taken into account when the request is made in writing to the travel agency. The deposit or the total amount of the trip, depending on what will have been paid during the cancellation, will not be refundable.

More than 90 days before departure, all changes made to a reservation by the client are subject to a fee of $ 100 per change. Less than 90 days before departure, no changes are possible. It is the client’s responsibility to provide the exact name as indicated on their Canadian passport at the time of booking. If the passenger has a foreign passport, it is the client’s responsibility to specify this to the travel consultant before booking. Charges are applicable for an incorrect name given to Long Range Expeditions (name on reservation versus the name indicated on the client’s passport), this being considered as a cancellation. Refer to cancellation fees.

Final payment must be made within 30 days of your departure. Failing to receive the final payment on time, there will automatically be a cancellation of the package with the loss of deposit. Reservations made 30 days or less before the departure date must be paid in full by bank transfer.

All our packages are described on our website. We have made every effort to ensure that the descriptions are accurate when the documents are published. Although they are updated regularly, changes to services beyond the control of Long Range Expeditions may occur without notice. Stakeholders would make every effort to minimize the effects of these changes and inform customers within a reasonable time. The course of the package, as well as the fees indicated may be modified according to circumstances, unforeseen situations and conditions prevailing on site, weather etc. Airlines, hotels, transportation and other services may be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances, security, local authorities or conditions require.

Only outfitters are responsible for the allocation of rooms. All special requests even submitted at the time of booking are not guaranteed.

If certain reserved services were no longer available before departure or following arrival at destination, Long Range Expeditions reserves the right to replace them with equivalent or better replacement services or, failing this, to cancel them.

The reservation is strictly personal and is reserved for natural persons. Resale of our services is strictly prohibited. All amounts shown are per person.

All passengers under the age of twenty-one (21) must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult at least twenty-one years of age.

The credit card holder must be held by one of the passengers for the services ordered. By allowing the use of his credit card number, the customer agrees to comply with the booking conditions even if the latter has not signed the appropriate document. The card holder, having provided the information appearing on it, acknowledges the responsibility for payment of all passengers on file. Long Range Expeditions reserves the right to verify the information provided on the credit card holder.

The customer acknowledges and accepts the following: Long Range Expeditions is not a carrier. The transport offered is carried out in accordance with the various regulations of the organizations managing air and land transport.

The customer recognizes and accepts the following:Checking hours: It is the passengers’ responsibility to confirm their flight schedule 24 hours before the scheduled departure time directly with the airport to ensure that there is no change. Flight times and stops on air routes are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.

Boarding check-in: Long Range Expeditions recommends arriving at the airport at least 3 hours before departure time with the necessary documents on hand including passport, airline and hotel tickets. Long Range Expeditions reserves the right to refuse or expel from the group any individual who is in such a state that it interferes with the smooth running of the activities or whose behavior is unacceptable making the continuation of the journey difficult (unhealthy, intoxicated) , etc.). In such a situation, no refund or compensation may be obtained in part or in whole of the package due to the shortage. Also, all expenses incurred following a denied boarding or expulsion from the group will be at the client’s expense.

Long Range Expeditions strongly suggests that its customers take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy tailored to the different needs of each passenger. Consult your advisor for this purpose. If he does not subscribe, the client acknowledges that he is responsible for his coverage, either limited by RAMQ or by his personal insurance.

The documents are nominative and are not transferable. The portions of the services ordered and not used are in no case refundable, usable or endorsable at a later date.

It is your sole responsibility to have in your possession all travel documents, passports, visas, etc. as well as the vaccines required by the authorities of the countries where you will be staying, at your expense. Travelers may be denied boarding or entry to the country of final destination. In such a case, Long Range Expeditions disclaims all responsibility. At no time will Long Range Expeditions or one of its representatives be held responsible if a traveler does not have the necessary documents to make a trip booked through us.

Some events are part of the normal inconvenience of a trip. The customer recognizes this, assumes only the consequences and agrees that Long Range Expeditions cannot be held responsible. Among others, we should mention the following elements: Standard of living: outside of Canada, standard of living, local customs, religion, political system, as well as the services offered may differ from those to which the client is accustomed in Canada. In addition, some services may be interrupted or unavailable during your stay. Having no control over these circumstances, Long Range Expeditions disclaims all responsibility for damage, inconvenience or loss of enjoyment. It is the traveller’s responsibility to find out about the destination and / or country to visit. The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website ( is a handy tool. Roads, construction and road traffic: the customer is aware that the delays caused by these imponderables are in no way the responsibility of Long Range Expeditions and that circuits, activities or free time can be affected without recovery. Holidays, school holidays, elections and congresses: certain inconveniences and / or interruptions and / or delays can occur on special occasions and the customer agrees that it is in no way the responsibility of Long Range Expeditions and that the circuits, Activities or free time may be affected without resumption. It is the passenger’s responsibility to be healthy and independent enough to undertake this type of trip.

Long Range Expeditions accepts no responsibility for any failure to fulfill its obligations, including any loss or damage resulting from delay, cancellation, loss of property, illness, injury, accident, mortality, weather conditions, deterioration in the quality of services, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, disappointment or frustration, physical or mental, resulting from the following events: Fortuitous events, force majeure or acts of a third party: war, revolution, riot, embargo, terrorism or any other illegal act committed against public order, the “Act of God”, accident or failure of the aircraft or coach used or any related equipment strike, lockout or other problem related to third party employees or Long Range Expeditions or any other factor beyond Long Range Expeditions.

Although Long Range Expeditions carefully chooses its suppliers (transport, hoteliers, outfitters, local guides and others), Long Range Expeditions has no control over them and cannot in any case be held responsible for their acts, omissions, faults and / or negligence. The services are also subject to their general conditions.

At destination, the customer must immediately notify their Long Range Expeditions representative, if applicable, of any problem. Failing this, the representative of the supplier of the services concerned in order to allow the immediate solution of the problem, if possible. In the event that the problem could not be resolved on site, the customer has thirty (30) days following his return to send it in writing, to the attention of Long Range Expeditions.