Quebec 5 salmonids at Musquanousse Lodge


6000$ CAN $

This is a salmonid paradise on the Lower North Shore! It is a unique site given the diversity of takes and formats. In addition, at any time you will have the opportunity to catch your record fish!
On the menu: Atlantic salmon, sea trout, landlocked salmon, Artic char and speckled trout. All natives of course in quantity and quality.
A chain of 7 lakes including one 100 km from the shore (the head lake) which flows into six other lakes. Through it flows 28 km of river to the sea. The fishing and boat options contribute to the success of the fisherman.

American deluxe plan

Additional information: The stay is in double occupancy in an inn (only six guests per stay)

What the trip includes

3 meals carefully prepared in the dining room and  a king’s lunch prepared at the inn for your fishing day.

The seaplane from the Natashquan aircraft base (8 a.m.)
20 minute flight to the lodge
Note: The LRE agency is not responsible for any delay that may be caused by the air carrier.

Double occupancy at the Musquanousse outfitter inn

A guide by 2 fishermen
Different types of boat: Frighter, motor fiberglass boat (9.9 hp 15 hp and 25 hp) and gas included for 2 fishermen
Fish preparation
It is possible to smoke your catch in our smoking room on request
Fish freezing

Important information
** Total weight of your luggage must not exceed 70 lbs per person **

  • Fishing clothes
  • Solar cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Travel insurance
  • The direct flight to Natashquan base
  • Cooler to take your catch back home
  • Quebec fishing license
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Salmon fishing license
  • Provincial and federal tax


  • Warm clothes for fishing
  • Warm waterproof boots or lined rain boots
  • Waterproof clothing (coat and pants)
  • Cap, gloves and toque
  • Sunglasses (polarizing if possible)
  • Camera or smart phone and its charger
  • Flash light
  • Personal effects (bath towel, soap, toothbrush…)
  • Medication (if applicable)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Evening clothes and shoes
  • Cooler to take your catch back home
  • Salmon fishing license
  • Regular fishing license
  • Fishing rods, fly and / or spoons
  • Wader boots (suggest but optional)
  • Wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages
  • Cash (local purchases and tips)